How to Register for Classes

'Weekend' packages include BOTH classroom and driving time. They are simply scheduled separately.

The multiple date packages require that you select 2 or more courses from the same set of courses, i.e.

• Select 3 "Teen Three Weekends" courses
• Select 2 "Teen Two Weekends" courses
• Select 5 "Saturdays Only" OR "Sundays Only" courses

The system will prevent orders of the same weekend twice, or too few weekends for a package.

If you are stuck, TXT 704-771-4192 or EMAIL Faulkner's Driving School for help.

Once you find the program you like, click "ENROLL" beside the course to add it to your shopping cart.

To get full program details, click on the 'Info' button in the top-right corner of each program.

It looks like this →


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