Paul's Drivers Ed - The Tour

The essential requirements to become a safe driver.

The Tour includes (but is not limited to) the principles and concepts described below.

•  The vision tours

•  The Smith systems of driving
    ›  The IPDE process
    ›  The 6 point checking systems
    ›  The area of tours

•  The basic road system tours. Each road is assigned to a class:
    ›  One lane : CLASS A
    ›  Two lanes : CLASS B
    ›  Six lanes : CLASS C
    ›  Eight lanes : CLASS D

•  The lane tours
    ›  Lanes are assigned a number, under which certain actions are permitted

•  The 32 intersection tours: Where two roads cross, an intersection is born

•  The speed control tours using Paul's special number

•  The basic skills, level of teaching tours

•  What should you know before the road test

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