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All hours from Teen Driving Improvement programs count towards driving hours.

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"When I'm teaching kids, it's called information overload," Paul Faulkner says. "This means students must react quickly to road conditions, so they don't have time to get nervous."

Driving Hours for Adults & Teens

Comprehensive 'Driving Tours' packages cover all areas required to develop good driving skills.


Intermediate Program: $720 
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Advanced Program $990  *Most Popular 
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Full Tour Driving Program $1350
15 days of driving, 2 hours per session (30 hours) › LEARN MORE


THE 'Advanced' and 'Full Tour' programs extend the number of lessons and hours spent behind the wheel

In the Charlotte Observer

Faulkner, who lives in the Lake Wylie area, has been a teacher for 41 years and has taught teens since 1990. He ran the driver's education program at Sun Valley High School for 18 years until 2000.

Faulkner opened his business in 1978 by first teaching adults, including students with special needs.

In 1979, he taught 21-year-old Gene Helms - who was deaf and had cerebral palsy - how to drive, through shoulder taps and pointing.

"They think they could never hit a car," he says, but when they almost do, Faulkner turns the incident into a "Kodak Moment." When students realize a mistake can mean an accident or death, "that light goes on" in a student's head, he says, and then, as an instructor, "You have nothing to worry about."

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