Teen & Adults Driver Improvement Courses

Driving is not simple, its very complex. If you make a mistake, it could be deadly. At Faulkner’s Driving School, we are experts in teaching you the knowledge and skills needed to become a safe driver. 90% of driving are visual and critical thinking skills. To develop those skills, you must master the Smith system of driving and the IPED Process.

The driving skills requirements for getting a NC license are minimum. We will provide you with a list of all the skills and knowledge needed to become a low-risk driver, then we will teach you all the skills and knowledge from that list. If you allow us to teach you all the skills and knowledge on the list. You will become a low-risk driver.

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StartSmart Program

Introducing our StartSmart Program - a comprehensive 5-day program designed to transform your driving skills. With a total of 10 immersive hours behind the wheel, this course is tailored for those seeking a fast-track to expertise. Priced at $600.00, it includes a complimentary 1-hour evaluation of your current skills, ensuring a personalized learning experience. Unleash your full driving potential with expert guidance and hands-on practice. Enroll now for a safer and more confident journey on the road!


Intermediate Driver Program

Step up to our Intermediate Driver Program - an extended 8-day program offering a total of 16 intensive hours of hands-on training. Priced at $960.00, this comprehensive course provides a deeper exploration of advanced driving techniques. As a bonus, enjoy 2 complimentary hours for a thorough evaluation of your current skills, ensuring a tailored and impactful learning experience. Elevate your driving proficiency with this extended program, designed for those committed to mastering the art of safe and confident driving. Enroll now for a heightened level of expertise on the road!


Advanced Driver Program

Embark on the Advanced Driver Program with our 11-day, 22-hour program, designed for those who seek unparalleled expertise behind the wheel. Priced at $1,320.00, this extended course delves deep into advanced maneuvers and strategic driving skills. Take advantage of a special offer: pay the full amount, and we'll add an extra 4 hours of personalized instruction for free. This premium package ensures a comprehensive understanding of safe and skilled driving. Secure your spot now to elevate your driving prowess to unmatched levels!


Master Driver Program

Introducing our Master Driver Program — an unparalleled 15-day, 30-hour course priced at $1,800.00. Act now, pay the full amount, and receive an extraordinary 10 free hours of personalized training. Elevate your driving expertise with an exclusive 40 hours of comprehensive instruction. This isn't just a course; it's the most advanced driver class in the US, setting the standard for excellence on the road. Seize this opportunity to master advanced techniques, strategic maneuvers, and elevate your driving skills to an elite level. Enroll today and join the ranks of the most skilled drivers in the country!


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StartSmart Program:   5 days of in-car driving instruction (10 hours)   $600.00

Intermediate Driver Program:   8 days of in-car driving instruction (16 hours)   $960.00

Advanced Driver Program:   11 days of in-car driving instruction (22 hours)   $1320.00

Master Driver Program:   15 days of in-car driving instruction (30 hours)   $1800.00

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