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Teen Driver Education (Classroom Only)

Teen Driver Education (Classroom Only)

Fulfills NC state requirements for the driver's license exam and includes:

(30) hours of classroom instruction ONLY

Flexible classroom scheduling is available! Classroom scheduling options are: 

  • Any Two Weekends (Fri-Sun): Attend sessions on any two weekends, featuring Friday (4-7 pm), Saturday (8 am - 2 pm), and Sunday (1-7 pm).
  • Any Three Weekends (Sat-Sun, plus one Sat or Sun): Enjoy flexibility with any three weekends, including Saturday (8 am - 2 pm) and Sunday (1-7 pm), plus an extra day on either Saturday or Sunday.
  • Saturdays ONLY: Opt for the convenience of 5 consecutive Saturdays (8 am - 2 pm).
  • Sundays ONLY: Alternatively, choose 5 consecutive Sundays (1 pm - 7 pm).

*Weekends can be non consecutive 

We also offer week-long sessions over Spring Break, Winter Break, and Summer Vacation (10 weeks to choose from). 

For our summer sessions, we provide classes that run for an entire week. When choosing dates, please ensure you select all the days within a week. This applies to the months of June, July, and August.

*Please be aware that our scheduling system only allows selection of days within a single month. You must choose 5 or 6 days from within the same month to proceed with checkout. If you need to schedule an extra day outside of the month in which your other dates are scheduled, please text Eutaqua Faulkner at TXT 704-589-5321 and let her know your preferred dates.

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